Employment process

Agency Employment Services personnel on cruise ships are free.
Employment process:
The procedure for employment on cruise ships:

1. The first step

1.1 Filling in the questionnaire (summary)

So, the decision is made — you want to work on the ship! The first thing you need to inform us about your decision. To do this, you need to fill an online application form sailor.

1.2. Consideration of nominations
Once we receive your completed application form and review it, we will check your knowledge of a foreign language. Please note that there is a direct relationship between your level of foreign language and the position for which you would like to apply!
1.3. Conclusion of contract
In that case, paragraph 1. 1.2 successfully passed, you will be asked to sign a contract.
The contract can be concluded remotely (as well as all other documents).

2. Preparing for the interview with an employer

2.1. Selection of vacancies, the cruise company

After signing the contract your profile is entered into the database, our officers will inform you about all the upcoming interview.
2.2. Preparation of documents
One of the most difficult stages, which should be treated with extreme care. You must fill in correctly and accurately and in time to provide a package of documents:
Application Form (each cruise line has its own form)
Photo 3 * 4
copy of passport
seaman’s book copy
Copies of certificates / diplomas
Certificate of good conduct
Letters of recommendation from the employer

2.3. Preliminary interview
Then begins the preparation for the interview with the employer. Before the meeting with the representative of cruise company, you will need to pass two preliminary interviews: one in Russian, one in a foreign language.

3. Interview
So it is a day X! The interview to be hold with a representative of cruise company (head of the personnel department), it usually takes about 5 minutes (depending on the cruise line and vacancies). During the interview you may be asked to tell us about yourself, answer a series of questions about the job or company – briefly it’s just a usual interview for normal employment. The only difference is that it will be held in a foreign language.
Out of our experience, if the candidate has a serious intention to work on the ship, had carefully and gently prepared for it, followed the instructions and advices of the manager, the interview is successful (more than 90% of candidates get the job). The result will be known in a few days or a week time.
In case of successful completion of the interview you get official notice that recruited (indicating position) on a cruise ship company and started the procedure of registration of your employment contract.

4. Signing of contract
After a successful interview you receive (Letter Of Employment). This step can be described as a standby stage. Waiting may last as the 1-2 weeks after the interview, and it may take several months. The term of the contract depends on the availability of vacancies on the company’s ships. As they become available on the company sends the participant a set of documents.
The employment contract, depending on the position, the salary is set, as well as the duration of the contract and leave. One employment contract usually lasts for 6-8 months, followed by 6-10 weeks off.
Health insurance is also included in the employment contract, the company pays for the cost of treatment in case of an accident or illness of the worker during the work on the ship.

5. Medical examination
You will pass a medical examination. It includes a number of analyzes, such as AIDS, hepatitis and others. Passage of the medical commission usually takes 1 day and sometimes more. The survey results, medical reports will be provided to the Department of Health control the cruise company. Medical examination must be done by authorized practitioner.
6. Joining vessel
By receiving medical certificate you can safely pack your bags and hit the road, meet the new opportunities and adventures! You must arrive at the port of departure of the cruise vessel at a certain time, according to the date specified in the contract.